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Partners & Practices

Loved your entrée? Thank a local farmer.

Farm Raised. Springfield Focused.

Buying local shouldn't be a marketing tool; it should simply be the way we do business. Partnering with local farmers in the Springfield area and the Missouri Ozarks lets Metropolitan Farmer prepare our offerings with the freshest, natural ingredients—making each dish as tasty and wholesome as can be.

Beyond our commitment to serving natural goodness, buying locally lets us support the family farms and ranches that embody the Midwestern values that shaped Springfield's community and culture. Springfield thrives because our parents instilled the work ethic, loyalty, and integrity it takes to build a strong community. Metropolitan Farmer strives to honor those values in all we do.

Featured Farm

To shine a light on our partner farmers individually, we're showcasing a new farm here each month.

Meet the Good Folks at Circle B Ranch

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Home to Marina and John Backes and family, the 90-acre Circle B Ranch is a hog farm located 32 miles from Springfield in Seymour, MO. Marina and John breed and raise Berkshire—or Kurabota—and Red Wattle, 100% Heritage Pork, using only humane, sustainable practices.

The Backes family believes their hogs' wellbeing and quality of life directly impacts the taste and appearance of the meat they yield. At Circle B Ranch, hogs enjoy grazing in the open pasture and do not ingest unnecessary hormones and antibiotics. Attentive care and the opportunity for the hogs to run free lead to the prime pork meat Circle B Ranch provides Metropolitan Farmer. Thanks to their work and dedication, our staff proudly serves dishes featuring Circle B Ranch pork.

Our Farmer Partners

We've got much love for the farmers who work hard every day to raise the foods we serve:

Patchwork Acres in Conway, MO | Fresh, Organic Vegetables

Each week, John and ShirleyAnn Wilson deliver a beautiful array of freshly harvested vegetables and berries, which they grew at Patchwork Acres.

Circle B Ranch in Seymour, MO | Berkshire Pork

We count on Marina and John Backes at Circle B Ranch for their Berkshire and Red Wattle Heritage Pork—the only pork you'll find at Metropolitan Farmer.

Blackgate Farms in Vanzant, MO | Grass-Fed Steaks & Burgers

Metropolitan Farmer features tender, juicy steaks and burgers yielded from North American Red Devons that graze freely on grass at Blackgate Farms—officially certified organic in 2006.

Rain Crow Ranch in Doniphan, MO | Grass-Fed Beef

We turn to Rain Crow Ranch, owned and operated by the Whisnant family, for grass-fed beef from cows "raised the way they were intended."

Ava's Garden in Lake Pomme de Terre | Fresh, Organic Vegetables

Ava grows fresh, organic vegetables, which we use for everything from accompaniments to entrées.

Rockbridge Trout Farm in Rockbridge, MO | Smoked Trout

The good people at Rockbridge Trout Farm deliver our smoked trout fillets, rendered from "hard-fighting Rainbow Trout" raised to the highest standards.

Happy Mouth Foods in Marshfield, MO | Pasture-Raised Duck Eggs

Brent and Marci Sonnemacher provide Metropolitan Farmer's fresh duck eggs, pasture raised at Happy Mouth Foods—a sustainable, non-GMO farm.

Stanberry Community Farms in Stanberry, MO | Locally Raised Hen Eggs

The families at Stanberry Community Farms take great care of their hens, and Metropolitan Farmer gladly uses the excellent eggs those happy hens produce.

Terrell Creek Farms in Fordland, MO | Artisan Goat Cheese

Lesley and Barry Million own and work Terrell Creek Farms, our only choice for artisan goat cheese.

Quickley Produce Farm in Galena, MO | Organic Tomatoes

For flavorful, organic tomatoes, Metropolitan Farmer partners with Quickley Produce Farm. David and Terry Quick, who run the hydroponic farm, grow their tomatoes year-round in a greenhouse, using a solution of water and nutrients that give plants all the natural earthly benefits—without the soil itself.

Willow Mountain Mushrooms in Tecumseh, MO | Gourmet Mushrooms

Wendy and Bob Semyck, who operate Willow Mountain Mushrooms, deliver our naturally grown gourmet mushrooms—including Portabella, White Button, Shitake, and Oyster Mushrooms. They're delicious!

Beyond Eden in Forsyth, MO | Organic Chicken

Metropolitan Farmer chooses fresh, organic chicken raised at Beyond Eden Farm. Elizabeth and Michael Schafer own Beyond Eden and are dedicated to raising chicken in the same "happy, healthy manner as our great-grandparents once did in their backyard."

Artisan's Oven in Springfield, MO | Fresh-Baked Breads

We partner with Craig Crosby at Artisan's Oven for all the fresh-baked breads Metropolitan Farmer serves. After tasting Craig's breads, Chef Wes knew he'd found the perfect baker to complement our farm-inspired dishes.

Questions About Our Farmer Partners?

If you have any questions about or would like to purchase any of the ingredients Metropolitan Farmer uses, we'll be happy to put you in touch with our farmer partners. Just ask us!